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Nano switch hi-power transformer core
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Nano switch hi-power transformer core

Nano switch hi-power transformer core

Trade Mark
NH series; Customized dimensions also available
Delivery time
Samples: 7~10 days; Batches: 7~30 days accordingly.
Payment term
TT or L/C

Model: NH series


Usually the single-ended pulse transformers of Hi-power arc welding inverter require cores with low iron loss, high Bs, and low Br. Output filter and inductor require a core with characteristics of high Bs, low loss, and constant permeability. In this case, NICORE gives Nano-crystalline alloy a horizontal magnetic treatment to manufacture the transformer cores with low Br and constant permeability.

Application Area:

- Inverter welder power supply
- X-ray, laser, communication power supply
- UPS and high frequency induction heating power supply
- Charging power supply
- Electrolytic and electroplate power supply
- Frequency control of the motor speed power supply


- High Bs - Reducing volume and weight of the cores
- High permeability and low Coercive force - Higher efficiency and less excited power of transformer
- Low Br (Br < 0.2T) - Higher magnetic flux density and output power
- Low core loss - Lower temperature rising, higher efficiency of the transformer
- Excellent temperature stability - Keep stable working at -50'C-130'C for long time

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