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Current Sensor Core
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Split Current Transformer Core
Ultra-thin Silicon Steel Core
Ultra-thin Silicon Steel Core

NICORE was founded in Foshan city, Guangdong province in 1995 with its original intention of "Producing better transformer cores in a professional way". From that time on it has been a leading magnetic core manufacturer focuses on producing and developing top quality magnetic cores in China.

NICORE produces various types of silicon steel cores, which are mainly used as the key component of power transformers, current transformers, current sensors, inductors etc., which are widely used in new energy vehicle, solar photovoltaic, electronic instruments, transportation, communication, industrial control and other associated industries.

With 38000 square meters modern facilities and 400+ employees, NICORE independently developed a number of high precision core manufacturing equipment such as the precision slitter, fully automatic core winding machine and automatic step lap shearing machine. In addition, high quality CRGO silicon steels from China and Japan are widely used in NICORE products to ensure the finest quality.

NICORE strictly implements the requirements of IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 management systems to ensure to provide our customers with high-quality coreS. The quality control process includes material selection, slitting, winding, annealing, cutting, polishing as well as proper packaging, which guarantee high precision, consistent and reliable NICORE products.

From end of the 1990s to now, we have serviced more than 3500 customers all over the world, including some multinational corporations who are benchmarking enterprises in their own industries.

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  • 01

    Silicon steel core solution expert

    With 20+ years of experience, NICORE has mastered core technology in magnetic core industry.

    Key customers: CRRC, BYD, RITZ, Schneider, TAMURA, NORATEL, ABB, FLUKE, etc.

  • 02

    Senior technical team

    NICORE has a senior technical team with 20+ years of experience in the field of silicon steel cores to designcustomized silicon steel cores for your specific application.

  • 03

    Quality control & certification

    The first ISO9001 certificated magnetic core manufacturer in China;

    100% inspection of finished products;

    All products are compliant with ROSH & REACH certification.

  • 04
    1. Intelligent manufacturing & scale management

    Research and develop advanced professional equipment independently for high-precision slitting, automatic winding, vacuum annealing, and multi-wire cutting; implement intelligent production system and lean management mode.

  • 05
    Stable supply of raw materials

    0.05-0.10mm Ultra-thin silicon steels;

    0.18-0.35mm Hi-B oriented silicon steels;

    0.20-0.50mm Non-oriented silicon steels;

    0.10mm Super-core steels.

  • 06
    Strategic layout of globalization

    In 2016, NICORE established the first oversea office in Seattle, US.

    In 2014, NICORE was awarded as "ETI Enterprise" by GACC;

    In 2001, NICORE started the export business;



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