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Clamp Meter Strip Wound Core

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Clamp Meter Strip Wound Core

Clamp Meter Strip Wound Core

Clamp Meter Strip Wound Core

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Using CRGO silicon steel with characteristics of low iron-loss and high permeability in models of 23ZDMH85, 23ZH90, 23ZH100, etc.


Cores are wound by our independently-developed winding machine and are high vacuum heat treated. They have characteristics of consistent performance, fine linearity, accurate dimension, and various shapes.


Suitable for various clamp-type AC/DC current measuring equipment.


Clamp meter with Silicon steel wound core, 0.2S accuracy class.


Nayeem Arafat

Hi, I am looking to build a hall effect based current sensor using one of your exiting core with air gap. My plan is to build 1500 A current sensor for our automotive applications. The part name of my hall sensor is DRV5053OAQLPG in digikey. Its saturates at Bmax = 75 mT. The core outer diameter should be less than 30mm. Please calculate the required air gap which can give the linear output voltage of the hall effect sensor for ±1500A. Can you guy provide any PCB bobbin for that.
2016-07-16 01:30:04


Dear Nayeem Thanks for your inquiry. We've supplied similar products for automotive application to some other customers. For more details of your application, we will contact you later soon by email. Thanks! Johnny Zhou
2017-05-02 15:22:53

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