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Amorphous C-core

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Amorphous C-Core

Amorphous C-Core

Amorphous C-Core

Trade Mark
Customized Dimensions
Delivery time
Samples: 5~7 days; Batches: 5~30 days
Payment term
TT or L/C

Model: CACC Series


- Reactor cores for PV inverter

- Filter reactor of high-frequency super switching power supply

- Medium- and high-frequency switching power supply

- Major transformer of UPS power supply


- High saturate induction density - reduce core volume

- Rectangular structure - easy coil assembly

- Split structure - good for anti-DC-bias-saturation

- Low core loss – better thermal isolation (10~20% compared to silicon steel)

- Good stability - long time stable working ablity at temperatures from -55 ℃ to 130 ℃



tony tecson

Hi, i am interested to purchase your core, a pair of CAC650. how much ill it cost to ship t manila? you have a local agent in manila? thanks...tony
2016-12-26 09:56:42

Alan Bridewell

We require 6 (six) off CACC664 Amorphous core sets.Please give me your best price £ sterling and delivery to, Equipmake Ltd. Unit 16,Hethel Engineering Centre, Wymondham, Norfolk, England U.K.Post code NR14-8FN
2016-10-19 23:42:58


Hi Alan, nice to receive your inquiry again. CACC-664 is a standard size and available for us, I will send you the quotation soon later. Thanks and regards, Johnny Zhou
2017-05-02 15:21:21


Hi, My name is Amir and I’m responsible for three phase inverters in SolarEdge. I’m interested in your CACC-25 Fe-based nano crystalline for our magnetic designs. What will be the AC losses for your core at 16KHz, B=0.15? Thanks, Amir.
2016-05-30 16:48:56


Hi Amir, nice to know you. NICORE can supply full series of CACC amorphous C-cores, and also the same dimension in Fe-based Nano material. We will contact you soon by email for more details. Thanks!
2017-05-02 15:24:06

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