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Amorphous Inductor Filter Core

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Amorphous Inductor Filter Core

Amorphous Inductor Filter Core

Amorphous Inductor Filter Core

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Mode: AC / PFC Series


Fe-based amorphous inductor filter cores has characteristics of good frequency property, stable inductance, varying DC bias current, lower core loss, and a wide range of permeability (from 120 µ to 1200 µ). It is a good choice for the inductor, choke, filters, and other high-frequency and DC AC electronic components. It is more cost effective than FeNiMo, FeNi, and FeSiAl power cores.


- High saturation flux density (Bs), low magnetic field strength (Hc) and low loss.
- Excellent Anti-DC bias property
- High permeability (from 250 to 1200)

- Fewer wire winding turns.


- Car audio choke coils

- PFC corrector inductors

- DMC filters and smooth output filters

- DC/DC transformer filters

Performance Index

Properties comparison with common used cores




Ron Jackson

Hi, Could you please email a datasheet for your FJM series cores. My application is for high frequency power inductors. Please include information about core loss. Thanks.
2017-07-28 11:44:58


Hello Mr Ron Jackson, thanks for your email and interests in our product, we will send you the datashet of th FJM series cores later soon. Regards, Johnny Zhou
2017-10-25 10:44:18

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