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SolarEdge Technologies


SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge is an Israeli provider of solar PV inverters, power optimizers, module-level MPPT and associated solutions.

SolarEdge provides groundbreaking distributed Power Harvesting and Monitoring systems that produce more PV energy at a lower cost. Module manufacturers, integrators, installers and system owners of residential and large-scale PV sites benefit from module-level monitoring, enhanced maintenance, constraint-free design, faster installation, improved safety, theft prevention and more.

Its mini-type PV inverter uses C-cores from NICORE that is made of high quality CRGO steels with low core loss and high permeability. C-cores can be used for power transformer, current transformer, voltage transformer, high voltage testing meter, inductor, reactor, X-Ray generator, transformer in railway control system, welding machine, UPS, etc.

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