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PCIM EUROPE 2016, See you in Nuremberg!

PCIM EUROPE 2016, See you in Nuremberg!


PCIM Europe is one of the most leading events combining an exhibition in the field of power electronics and a user-oriented international conference. The conference topics covered include latest developments in passive components, power semiconductors, energy storage, thermal management products, sensors and new materials as well as systems.

NICORE has been taken part in European exhibitions for more than 10 years, but this is the first time for NICORE to participate in PCIM Europe Expo, with its traditional superior products of tape wound cores and latest new products of Super Core material products.

Super Core material is in thickness of 0.10mm and non-oriented, which includes 6.5% Si and with the characteristics of low core loss, low magnetostriction (nearly zero noise and vibration), high permeability, widely used in high frequency transformers and reactors.


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