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The first professional iron core manufacturer in China that passed the German TUV ISO9002 international quality system certification. The company has a modern plant of 40,000 square meters, a smart team of more than 500 people, adhering to the "I concentrate, you rest assured" corporate philosophy, independently developed high precision Slitting machine, automatic winding machine, ultra-high vacuum annealing furnace, high-precision cutting machine, automatic stepping iron core cross-cutting machine and many other high-precision iron core manufacturing equipment; in order to obtain high-quality iron core products, choose The high-performance oriented silicon steel sheets produced by JFE, Baosteel, and Shougang of Japan are used as raw materials. From material selection, slitting, winding, annealing, cutting, grinding to packaging and delivery, the entire process of quality control procedures are strictly implemented to meet customers’ different requirements for iron cores. Usage requirements.

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