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NICORE-Characteristics and Application of Unicore

NICORE-Characteristics and Application of Unicore


The rapid development of new energy has raised the requirements for the quantity and performance of related power products. As an upgraded product of lamination core, the Unicore core of Nicore is widely used in energy saving and emission reduction, UPS power supply, inverter power supply, etc. Which meets the demand of some new energy.

Nicore has folded the CRGO steel into a specified rectangular shape by a special machine, staggering the opening steps, so that the Unicore  reduces the interface, air gap and burr than the lamination core. In such a flexible design, the core structure is more compact, the material utilization rate is higher, the dependence on annealing is reduced, the no-load loss can be reduced by 30-50%, and the quality of the core can be greatly improved, and the economy can be saved. A large number of stacking hours saves production costs, so it can replace the lamination core and is widely used in power and energy fields.

The resulting impact is that the power products with Unicores are cheaper, which greatly reduces the working noise and improves the work efficiency. It meets the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction for new energy development. It is one of the best quality of cores produced by NICORE.

Material: CRGO

Thickness: 0.18mm, 0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm

Annealing: high vacuum annealing or no annealing

Burr: <0.03mm

Specifications: single phase ,three phase

Price: depending on material price

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