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Nicore -Characteristics and application of rectangular core

Nicore -Characteristics and application of rectangular core


Instruments such as transformers and current transformers are widely used in industrial production and daily life, and the specifications and quality requirements of the cores used are also different. Among all kinds of cores, in addition to the R core, the rectangular core independently developed by Nicore is one of the star products.

In the raw material, the same as the R core, the rectangular core of Nicore is taken from high-quality oriented silicon steel sheets (Nippon Steel NSC, Kawasaki JFE and Posco POSCO, etc.); The machine and the rectangular winding machine make the silicon steel sheet into a rectangular shape, which is quick and convenient to wind and has high production efficiency. After high vacuum annealing, the stable structure and performance can be maintained; on the structure, the rectangular core is composed of a continuous curved strip. Winding in the direction of the para-magnetic path, the cross section and the window are both rectangular, the magnetic circuit is completely closed, no magnetic leakage, and the performance is excellent.

Because of its structural stability, customized size, high efficiency, low magnetic flux leakage and similar advantages to R core, the rectangular core of Nicore can be widely used in 50Hz transformers, transformers and reactors in electronic equipment. In electromagnetic components such as devices and chokes.

Material: CRGO

Thickness: 0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm

Annealing: high vacuum annealing

Specifications: You can choose the appropriate materials, customize the specifications

Price: depending on material and shape

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