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NICORE - Characteristics and Application of fully automatic wound toroidal core

NICORE - Characteristics and Application of fully automatic wound toroidal core


The toroidal core transformer is a large type of transformer. It is widely used as an electronic transformer and an isolation transformer in home appliances and other scenarios. It has good output characteristics, low iron loss and temperature rise, and small volume and vibration noise. The fully automatic wound toroidal core produced by Nicore for toroidal transformer furtherly improves the performance and production efficiency of the toroidal transformer.

 Nicore uses high-precision slitting machine to accurately divide high-quality silicon steel sheets. The self-developed fully automatic winding equipment can be automatically wound into accurate and stable core according to the design drawings, and then subjected to high vacuum annealing furnace. After annealing, the performance of the core can be maximized. The fully automatic wound core produced by this method has extremely low iron loss and leakage magnetism, and the loss and noise at no load are much lower than that of the laminated core, which can meet the needs of some high-demand customers, such as high-precision transformers, environmentally friendly new energy equipment and HIFI power amplifier transformers. The fully automated agitation device controlled by computer is more accurate and more efficient than semi-automatic equipment. The maximum production of a machine can reach 4000-5000 in precision wound cores per day, and the size of the core can be customized according to customer requirements. , thus greatly promotes the development of automation operations in Nicore.

Material: CRGO oriented silicon steel sheet

Thickness: 0.18mm-0.30mm (0.35mm)

Annealing: high vacuum annealing

Size: Height: 10-120mm ± 0.1mm

Inner diameter: 15-180mm ± 0.1mm

Outer diameter: 15-350mm ± 0.3mm

Price: floating according to market price

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