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NICORE -Characteristics and Application of Block Core

NICORE -Characteristics and Application of Block Core


With the development of new energy fields, many new current transformers and other new electronic equipment products require a large number of block cores. The CRGO steel block cores independently developed by Nicore are high quality. One of the representative products in the field of block core.

In terms of raw materials, the block core of Nicore adopts ultra-thin high-magnetic oriented silicon steel sheets imported from Japan, which can ensure the high magnetic flux density of the core. In the production process, the silicon steel sheet is punched out by using automatic equipment, which can make the size of the core more precise, and the process of bonding with low-stress glue can make the block core of different sizes; or after the ultra-high vacuum After annealing, the performance of the silicon steel sheet is restored to the optimum, and the resulting block core has a much higher saturation magnetic flux density than the amorphous material and the magnetostriction coefficient is much lower than that of the amorphous material. The silicon steel block core is superior to the amorphous block core. In addition, the production process of Nicore block core is highly automated, which can greatly shorten the delivery period and meet the needs of customers with different specifications.

Material: CRGO ( 0.05 -0.10mm 0.23-0.35mm ) JFE 0.10mm CRNGO

Thickness: 0.05mm, 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.18mm, 0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm

Annealing: ultra-high vacuum annealing or no annealing

Specifications: customized according to customer requirements

Accuracy: ±0.10mm

Price: depending on material and shape

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