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NICORE -Characteristics and Advantages of Mini core

NICORE -Characteristics and Advantages of Mini core


With the increase of household smart electricity and supporting smart grid construction, the application of electronic equipments like smart meters is more and more widely and high-end, and thus the requirements for accuracy and sensitivity of related components such as smart inductors and micro-transformers are getting higher and higher.

Nicore can customize mini ring cores, mini C-cores and shaped cores according to customer requirements, and their consistency and stability are much higher than the industry level.

In raw materials, all the mini cores of Nicore are made of high magnetic inductive silicon steel sheets made in Japan and Korea, which ensures the high quality magnetism and low iron loss of the core. In production process, the mini cores winding machine is used for winding and forming, which can make a minimum width of 6 mm and a minimum inner diameter of 8 mm. After precise annealing in ultra-high vacuum annealing furnace, the stability of performance and the accuracy of size can be maintained. Highly automated production and processing process greatly improves the production capacity of mini cores, which can reach 500,000 per month. It can also be customized according to customer drawings and made into ring, C-shaped and abnormal shapes. Besides meeting the high requirements of smart meter equipment, it can also be applied to mini transformers and smart inductors and other industries.

Raw materialCRGO Nippon steel JFE POSCO

Thickness0.23mm 0.27mm

Annealinghigh vacuum annealing

DimensionMinimum with of 6mmminimum internal dimension of 8mm

PriceDepends on the material chosen and quantity.

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