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NICORE-Application and characteristics of Split Current Transformer Core

NICORE-Application and characteristics of Split Current Transformer Core


Split Current transformer is a kind of sensing instrument for current measurement and mini computer protection. It is widely used in AC motor, lighting equipment, air compression Motor and heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit current monitoring, power management, building self-control systems and industrial power grid transformation,because of its customized, open-able and easy to install.

Split current transformer core designed and manufactured by Nicore can not only be customized according to customer requirements, but also has a measurement accuracy of up to 0.2S. In terms of materials, Split current transformer core is made of high-sensitivity high-quality silicon steel sheets imported from JFE of Japan and POSCO of Korea. It has high magnetic flux density, low iron loss and low magnetostriction. In production and processing, Nicore uses high-precision slitting machine to cut sheets, and then computer-controlled automatic winding and winding forming and high vacuum annealing, which is cut into the size and shape required by customers by precision cutting machine, thus ensuring the accuracy and stability of the core can be better applied to the field of Split current transformers. After years of improvement in production and processing technology and technology update, Nicore has been a supplier of many large transformer manufacturers around the world.

Material: CRGO Nippon steel JFE POSCO

Thickness: 0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm

Annealing: Ultra High Vacuum Annealing

Specifications: customized according to customer requirements, toroidal, rectangle, shaped

Price: depending on material and shape

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