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Nicore-Advantage characteristics and application of EI core

Nicore-Advantage characteristics and application of EI core


The EI transformer is a kind of electronic transformer. It is a kind of transformer with early application, wide application range and mature technology. It can be used as power frequency transformer, power transformer and audio transformer. Name such core EI is because the main material assembled is the E type and I type silicon steel sheet. The EI core produced by Nicore is one of the representatives of EI core with high quality and high production efficiency, which meets the needs of many EI transformer manufacturers.

In terms of raw materials, the EI core material of Nicore is derived from well-known steel mills such as Shanghai Baosteel, Japan JFE and Japan Nippon Steel. Through the customized Japanese punching die, Taiwan's high-speed punching machine, and the rigorous annealing process, the Nicore EI core has precise dimensions and small burrs. It has superior magnetic properties and can be high in weak magnetic fields. Magnetic permeability, low saturation magnetic inductance and high resistivity. The EI transformer thus produced has lower iron loss and lower cost, higher saturation voltage, allows short-time overload, and can provide excess power (1-3 times rated current),with simple structure and long service life. It can meet the needs of high-demand customers. At present, Nicore has 36 models of Japanese standard model EI core, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

In application, the EI transformer made of Nicore EI core can be used for small equipment such as audio equipment, instrumentation equipment, lighting control lines, automation equipment control lines and energy-saving equipment, thus it can achieve impedance matching between circuits. Besidesit has an isolation effect on direct current.

Material: CRGO, CRNGO

Thickness: 0.30mm 0.35mm 0.5mm

Annealing: nitrogen-filled annealing or no annealing

Burr: <0.03mm

Specifications: 36 Japanese standards, can be customized non-standard specifications

Price: depending on material price

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