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On March 28th, 1995, NICORE was founded as a professional manufacturer of Toroidal core / Ring core in silicon steels.

★ In 1996, started to produce R-cores and O-cores.

★ In 1998, started to produce laminated cores for distribution transformers.

★ In 1999, started to produce cut cores, including c-cores, e-cores, and gap cores.

★ In 2000, started to export cores to the USA market.

★  In 2000, NICORE (HK) Limited was founded; NICORE obtained TUV and ISO:9002 certifications.

★ In 2001, started to export cores to European market and Asian market.

★ In 2002, participated in CWIEME Berlin Exhibition.

★ In 2003, started to produce cut cores and toroidal cores in thin gauge electrical steels (thickness: 0.10mm, 0.08mm, and 0.05mm).

★ In 2004, started to produce cores for clamp-on meters.

★ In 2005, started the construction of the new factory located in Shishan industrial park, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, and imported automotive cutting lines for laminated cores from MTM Canada.

★ In 2006, moved in the new factory covering an area of 38,000 square meters.

★ In 2007, started to produce wound cores for distribution transformers.

★In 2008, started to produce triangle wound cores for distribution transformers.

★ In 2009, started to produce amorphous cores for distribution transformers.

★ In 2010, started to produce nanocrystalline cores and cut cores in amorphous materials.

★ In 2011, NICORE (Suzhou) Limited  was founded.

★ In 2012, self-designed automatic cutting lines for reactor were put to use.

★ In 2013, self-designed automatic toroidal core winding machines were put to use. NICORE started to produce block core and c-core in "super core" materials.

★ In 2014, ERP system was in service.

★ In 2015, became the supplier for Schneider Electric.

★ In 2016, the first oversea NICORE office was established in Seattle, US.

★  In 2016, NICORE was acknowledged as "High-Tech Enterprises".

★ In 2017, upgraded and reconstructed factory to keep the leading position in global core manufacturing industry.

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