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Transformer is a static electromagnetic device that converts electrical energy to magnetic energy and then back to electrical energy which is transferred between two or more circuits. According to their core structure, single-phase transformers with small and medium power can be divided into toroidal type (O type), EI type, R type, CD type, double column dry type, etc. Yet, the toroidal transformer is the most widely used because of its plentiful advantages. Toroidal core is closed and tightly winded with silicon steels. It is formed after vacuum pressure impregnation treatment. Even at middle and high magnetic frequency, it will not cause noise due to magnetic expansion, which is what the EI, dry-type, and other lamination cores cannot achieve. Toroidal core has good electromagnetic performance of high saturation magnetic flux density, high primary inductance, and large unit magnetizing power capacity. It helps improve the utilization rate and the winding window area, reduce the number of turns and the direct current resistance, and also greatly improve the overload capacity and load efficiency of the toroidal transformer. Under the condition of constant power and magnetic field density, the no-load loss and exciting current of toroidal transformer are only 50%~70% of other transformers. The toroidal core helps reduce the standby loss and improve the equipment operation reliability. 

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NICORE has supplied top quality magnetic cores to 3000+ customers from 80+  countries and regions around the world NICORE is a leading magnetic core manufacturer focused on producing and developing top quality magnetic cores for power and instruments transformers, mutual transducers, etc.We elivers high quality cores to over 200 customers worldwide. Our products are widely used in electronic instruments, transportation, telecommunication, renewable energy and other associated industries. Dedicated to manufacture magnetic cores under TUV ISO 9002 standard. With 38000 square meters modern facilities and 300+ employees,  independently developed a number of high pression core manufacturing equipment such as precision slitter and automatic step lap shearing machine. In addition, laser-scripted Japanese CRGO silicon steels are widely used in products to insure the finest quality. The quality control process includes material selection, slitting, winding, annealing, polishing as well as proper packaging, which guarantee high precision, consistent and reliable products. NICORE also offers tailor service to multinational corporations who are benchmarking enterprises in their own industries.

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