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Baosteel: Price adjustment in 11/2017


The domestic price of Baosteel sheet metal in November is adjusted on the basis of the price in October and announced as follows (tax rates are not included below):


1. Heavy plate (Baoshan, Dongshan): remains unchanged


2. Hot rolled plate (Baoshan, Dongshan, Meishan): remains unchanged


3. SPHC (Baoshan, Dongshan, Meishan): remains unchanged


4.Normal cold rolled plate (Baoshan, Dongshan, Meishan): remains unchanged

5. HDG plate (Baoshan, Dongshan, Meishan): remains unchanged

6. Electrolytic galvanized sheet: remains unchanged


7. SGLC (Baoshan, Meishan): remains unchanged


8. Non-oriented electrical steel (Baoshan, Dongshan): remains unchanged


9. Grain oriented electrical steel: from higher grade to lower grade increase 300RMB/MT to 800RMB/MT accordingly.


10. The above price adjustment notice shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.


11. The explanation of the price adjustment notice belongs to the Baosteel marketing center.