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First English Training Course of NICORE

On January 11th 2016, the ceremony of First English Training course was launched in NICORE Technical School. Everyone was exciting and looking forward to this course.

The first 30 students are from different departments of NICORE: the front-line workers, engineers, quality staffs, financial staffs, and also the administrative staffs, and the age are from 20+ to 50+.


At first, everyone introduced themselves and shared their purpose why they want to study English: never too old to learn, to help kids with their English study, to go abroad without a translator, to communicate with foreign customers, to make NICORE more international by learning English.


NICORE will set up its first oversea office in USA in 2016. With expanding of the overseas market, NICORE has higher and higher requirements towards its sales representatives. No matter for the families or for development of company, everyone should endeavor to learn as much as they could and improve themselves.


Richard long, General Manager of NICORE, also the "professor" of training course, suggested everyone: with whatever purpose to join this course, the most important thing is "Don’t be shy, just try". Just open the mouth and keep practicing.

At the same time, Richard shared with everyone about "American Dream": to believe common people could success through their efforts.


On the other hand, the teaching group is consisted of all members from International sales department, includes Top sales of NICORE-Daisy Chen, and department manager-Johnny Zhou, whom with more than 10 years’ experience of international business.


NICORE always concerns on company culture and improvement of stuff, and this English training course aims at making NICORE stuffs enjoy working and living. All in all, let's enjoy working, enjoy living!

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