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Split current transformer core

Split current transformer core

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Customized dimensions
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Samples: 5~7 days; Batches: 7~30 days accordingly.
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TT or L/C


Low core loss high permeability CRGO silicon steel thickness of 0.23mm, 0.27mm.



Cores wound with independent developed winding machine, high vacuum heat treated, asymmetric cutting acceptable, shapes in UI, UU and toroidal cut, accurate dimension.



Mainly used for the current transformer of electric energy acquisition and detection, square or round hole are available.


High accuracy

By choosing appropriate current transformer structure and compensation control method, the split current transformer can achieve very high accuracy and provide protection for accurate measurement.

Wide measurement range

The split current transformer core has air gap, which broadens the unsaturated region of the magnetization characteristic of the core, so that the maximum current measured by the split current transformer is much larger than that of the closed structure current transformer, i.e., a wider measuring range.


Because of the open-close structure of the high precision split current transformer, it can be clamped directly on the measured conductor, and then the non-invasive measurement can be carried out so as not to cut off the circuit to be measured.

Strong anti-saturation ability

The split current transformer core has air gap, which strengthens the saturation magnetic flux density of the core, and the influence of residual magnetism to the split current transformer is lower than that to closed structure current transformer. These entire make the split current transformer has strong anti-saturation capability.


Peter Jacobson

We are looking for an open U-shaped core (for example, the U part of a UI core)for building an electromagnet, with the parallel sides approximately 30 mm long and the single side approximately 60 mm long, and a cross-section of 10 x 10 mm approximately, for a field in the core of 1.5 T maximum. Operating frequency is 1 kHz max. We would like to find a standard product with these approximate dimensions. Thank you.
2016-05-15 22:02:42

Curt Linstra

Can I get the dimensions of your UI Split current transformer core. I need to know the height, outer width, inner opening width. The ones on your website at I’m interested in the square and rectangle ones that are displayed on the web page. How much would it cost to get a few samples? Thank you, Curt Linstra
2015-12-29 06:36:37


Dear Curt, thanks for your email. By now there is no standard sizes for tape wound UI cores, but we could manufacture such cores according to customer designs. I will contact you by email soon for more information. Thanks!
2017-05-02 15:27:17

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