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Current sensor core

Current sensor core

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Customized dimensions
Delivery time
Samples: 9~12 days; Batches: 9~30 days accordingly.
Payment term
TT or L/C


Low core loss high permeability CRGO silicon steel with grades 23ZDMH85, 23ZH90, 23ZH100 etc.



Cores wound with independent developed winding machine, high vacuum heat treated, make a gap of 0.20-12mm on the closed magnetic path, in rectangular or toroidal shape, perfect appearance, accurate dimension, consistent performance, low magnetic remanence.



Inductor, power sensor, transducer, current transformer, hall effect transformer, integrated linear Hall sensor, magnetic diodes, magnetic triode.



Low measurement error, high accuracy.


Carlo Zadra

Hello. we are looking for a magnetic core to achieve a current sensor with Hall sensor to measure ac and dc currents. we have to measure current 1000 Arms (1414 Apeak), 600 or 400 Arms. The sensor tolerates the maximum current about 2000 Gauss (Allegro A1366). The inner diameter of the toroid can be about 24mm. What kind of product you can recommend me? Thanks.
2017-01-19 01:36:50


Hi I can looking for a CRGO silicon steel withe 23ZDMH85/23ZH90. The core physical dimension will be: inner dimension = 400 mils; Outer dimension = 1000 mils; air gap = 10 mm/9mm/8 mm and hegiht <500 mils Can you please send me 2 samples of that. We are looking to buy 20k (2017) and 40k (2018. please provide the quotation for that.
2016-08-09 06:22:29

Alexander Popovych

Hello. I am looking a core with air gap for Hall sensor. Coud you send me your specifications Material, ID, OD, Height, and Gap Width. Thanks.
2016-02-25 20:23:59


Dear Alex, thanks for your inquiry, we made a lot of customized hall sensor cores. Please send me more details on the dimensions/air gap, tolerances, the expected parameters you want, then we will help to work out a suitable core for you. My email is Thanks and regards, Johnny Zhou
2017-05-02 15:24:48

John Hulen

I am looking for a core for a DC magnet. The application is a water diverter valve, where, for example, reversing the current would rotate a permanent magnet in the gap of the core. Ideally it would be like a 2 pole motor, but I'm thinking a c-core could work id it had a large enough gap. Do you have anything like this? I don't have specific specs yet, but a gap of 2 to 3 inches would work for my prototype. Let me know. Thanks.
2016-02-03 18:17:29


Hi john, thanks for your inquiry. NICORE could supply various types of standard and non-standard C-Cores. For more details we will discuss with you by email soon.
2017-05-02 15:24:57
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